Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is simply words: words used in a positive and focused way to help us let go of some of the negatives that we have all acquired in life.
What is hypnobirthing?
Hypnobirthing changes our preconceived perception of birth by positively influencing our subconscious mind so that when we think about childbirth we automatically picture a natural, calm and positive experience without panic or fear. Birth has been medicalised and dramatised over the last century to the point where tocophobia (a fear of giving birth) is probably one of the most widespread and deep rooted phobias in the Western world. Hypnosis (and hypnobirthing in particular) is a very successful tool when it comes to fear release. No amount of logical discussion with a person's conscious brain will cure their phobia, we must go deeper and change the subconscious belief to make a difference.
Will my labour be pain free if I use hypnobirthing?
There can never be any guarantee that someone will experience a pain free labour but hypnobirthing can certainly help. Many hypnomums have reported experiencing power rather than pain and  experience a natural birth without any pain relief. Hypnobirthing classes give hypnomums detailed knowledge of the birth process, increasing their confidence and understanding of exactly what their muscles and hormones are doing. When a hypnomum is relaxed and calm her body will produce endorphins which are an effective pain reliever, several times more potent than morphine. If the hypnomum is frightened or stressed she will produce different hormones which will cancel out the effect of her endorphins. Hypnobirthing techniques help a hypnomum to remain calm and relaxed in labour but they require a lot of practice and dedication before the birth.
Can hypnobirthing be used if I have a c-section (or other intervention)?
Absolutely - hypnobirthing is useful in all birth contexts. Although we may have a birth preference, some births "take the scenic route" or may need an extra helping hand from our wonderful obstetrician and midwife colleagues. That is ok and does not need to be feared. Hypnobirthing techniques can help ground and focus a hypnomum in an otherwise stressful emergency situation allowing her to stay calm and experience a positive and healthy outcome overall. Research demonstrates that how a mum perceives her birth experience makes all the difference. Hypnobirthing techniques can also help a hypnomum stay clam before and during a planned surgery or other intervention and can help her control any pain she might experience as she heals.
When is the best time to attend a hypnobirthing class?
The answer is that it is never too late to start but the more time you have to practice before the birth, the better. Most hypnomums attend classes when they are between 20 and 30 weeks pregnant but that is not a rule and I will do everything I can to help hypnomums who are close to their "best guess" date.

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