Hypnobirthing really helped me overcome my fears about giving birth.  It's not what I expected, it is much more reasoned and logical than I expected and is nothing to do with swinging pendulums or hypnosis. 

Although my birth did not go as I originally imagined, I was still able to use the techniques I learnt through the hypnobirthing course to help me stay calm and focused during my elective c-section and I even found it useful to keep me calm and serene on the post natal ward after birth!

As a second time mum, hypnobirthing really helped me overcome my anxieties around birth after having a bad experience with an epidural during my first birth.  I felt so much more knowledgable, confident and empowered as a hypnobirthing mum and achieved the birth experience I had always wanted.

Hypnobirthing really works. It helped me understand what my body is capable of and gave me the confidence to 'let go' and have a completely natural water birth -an experience I will never forget.


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